To help us continue to serve the growing numbers of neighbors in need of food during this pandemic, we have moved the Pantry operations to 11 Concord Rd in the center of town
(the former Masonic Talbot Lodge – next to the library).

Distributions will continue to use a ‘Drive-thru’ model. New appointments will be provided and each month recipients will be required to contact us and confirm their appointment.

Many of our neighbors are unable to provide the necessary food for themselves.
The Billerica Community Pantry provides food at no cost to Billerica residents who need assistance. If you want to help, please consider volunteering or donating to help.

For the current distributions, the Pantry will only distribute food items to clients by a drive-through pickup procedure. To facilitate this, we are asking clients to RSVP so sufficient food can be ordered.

“We will reaching out to clients through automated phone calls and postings such as this”, says the Pantry operations director Kim Andreasen. “Our clients will receive pre-assembled boxes/bags of food as they drive through our lot.”  “This will position us to continue to provide food to the most vulnerable in our community throughout this ever-changing situation,”

This approach is an attempt to take “an abundance of caution”, says Pantry president Jared Koyle, in an effort to protect the families and the volunteers who faithfully show up to the food pantry to help people each month.

“The majority of our volunteers who serve at the Pantry are in the highest risk category for the coronavirus disease, and we feel it is imperative for our volunteers to have as safe a workplace as possible,” Andreasen said. “We are taking steps to maintain social distances and encouraging volunteers to stay home if they feel sick or are displaying any symptoms of illness.  We feel this plan will meet the needs of our clients, and keep our volunteers as safe as possible.”

The Billerica Community Pantry provides food at no cost to Billerica residents in need. For more information about The Pantry, visit http://www.billericacommunitypantry.com.

If you live in Billerica Ma. and are in need of food, you are encouraged to call the Pantry at (978) 357-7560, or reach out via email billericapantry@gmail.com.

Due to limited resources, we cannot deliver food distributions. We encourage patrons that may be unable to get to the Pantry personally to allow family members, friends and neighbors to serve them and help by attending the Pantry for them. Alternately, there are many organizations that are willing to help with deliveries that you can reach out to. We encourage you to contact the Billerica Council on Aging for more information on contacting these groups and arranging necessary assistance.

How You Can Help

As we continue to adapt to meet the ever-changing need during this time, funds are the resource we need most. They allow us to make purchases in bulk, and adjust our operation as needed. Every $1 donated can provide 3-5 meals for someone during this period. The Pantry is committed to serving those who are food insecure, and we’re very grateful for the trust that’s placed in us by our generous donors.