Eligibility Guidelines

  1. You must be a resident of Billerica.
  2. All registered family members must live in the household.
  3. Billerica Community Pantry has no income eligibility requirement and we strive to have a wide variety of food available for any who find themselves ‘food insecure’.
    If we receive donations through the USDA Food Assistance program (which has federal income guidelines) we will ask if you meet these to receive this assistance.
  4. While we have no eligibility requirements, we encourage patrons as their circumstances change and they can be self-supporting, to be considerate and limit their own participation so that the limited resources we have can be used to assist others.


Kindly call (and leave a message) or email the Billerica Community Pantry.  One of our admin volunteers will contact you and walk you through the registration process. 

Preregistration is required. or (978) 357-7560.

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